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In Search of Relived Social Experience: Group Based Nostalgia Sport Tourism
Journal of Sports Management (2003)
  • Sheranne Fairley, University of Massachusetts - Amherst

Why do some fans travel to follow professional sport teams? In order to answer that question, participant observation and ethnographic interviews were used to examine the motives and behaviors of a group that undertakes a 5-day bus trip to watch its team play in a distant city. Nostalgia was identified as a key element of the experience. In particular, nostalgic recollections of past trips were found to be a vital basis for repeated travel by the group and for socializing new members. Five themes having to do with nostalgia were identified: nostalgia as motive, norms and rituals as objects of nostalgia, best experience as object of nostalgia, nostalgia as a basis for trip suggestions, and nostalgia through socialization. It is suggested that group-based nostalgia can play a more significant role in fan travel behavior than has heretofore been recognized and that nostalgic appeals can foster repeat purchase.

Publication Date
July, 2003
Citation Information
Sheranne Fairley. "In Search of Relived Social Experience: Group Based Nostalgia Sport Tourism" Journal of Sports Management Vol. 17 Iss. 3 (2003)
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