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Student-led podcasting for engineering education
European Society for Engineering Education (SEFI) Annual Conference
  • E. Alpay, Imperial College London
  • Shelly Gulati, Imperial College London
Document Type
Conference Presentation
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Conference Dates
July 1-4, 2009
Date of Presentation
The use of podcasts is challenging traditional communication methods in higher education, with the potential for creating highly engaging and flexible resources for learning and development. In a similar way, podcasts are helping to facilitate a stronger student identity and community within learning environments, replacing traditional student newsletter and website approaches. In this work, an innovative podcasting approach is presented in which there is a strong student-centred and student-led premise to foster and advance engineering education related uses. Podcasts are intended to cover a range of relevant engineering topics such as sharing student views on global and scientific developments, raising issues for current matters important to students and disseminating information on unique educational opportunities. Details on the set-up of the initiative are presented, and include resource requirements, management and organisation structures for an effective interface between academic staff and the student podcasting team, and mechanisms for ensuring that the podcasts maintain balanced educational outcomes.
Citation Information
E. Alpay and Shelly Gulati. "Student-led podcasting for engineering education" European Society for Engineering Education (SEFI) Annual Conference (2009)
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