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Isolation of Arcanobacterium hippocoleae from a case of placentitis and stillbirth in a mare
Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation (2008)
  • David A Bemis, University of Tennessee - Knoxville
  • Mary Jean Bryant, University of Tennessee - Knoxville
  • Stephen A Kania, University of Tennessee - Knoxville
  • Shelley Newman, University of Tennessee - Knoxville

Based on the scarcity of reports in veterinary medicine literature, it appears that Arcanobacterium spp. are rarely isolated from horses. Recently, a single isolate from vaginal discharge in a mare was characterized as a new species, Arcanobacterium hippocoleae. The present report describes a case of necrosuppurative placentitis and stillbirth in an American Quarterhorse mare. Numerous colonies of irregular, Gram-positive, rod-shaped bacteria were observed by histological examination within fibrin lattice associated with placental lesions. Arcanobacterium hippocoleae was isolated in large numbers from the placenta, lung, and stomach contents. To the authors' knowledge, this is the first report of placentitis associated with Arcanobacterium spp. in a horse and the third reported isolation of A. hippocoleae from a horse.

  • Actinomycetales genetics,
  • Actinomycetales isolation & purification,
  • Actinomycetales Infections pathology,
  • Actinomycetales Infections veterinary,
  • Animals,
  • DNA Primers,
  • Female,
  • Horses,
  • Placenta microbiology,
  • Placenta pathology,
  • Polymerase Chain Reaction,
  • Pregnancy,
  • RNA,
  • Bacterial genetics,
  • RNA,
  • Ribosomal,
  • 16S genetics,
  • Stillbirth veterinary
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David A Bemis, Mary Jean Bryant, Stephen A Kania and Shelley Newman. "Isolation of Arcanobacterium hippocoleae from a case of placentitis and stillbirth in a mare" Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation Vol. 20 Iss. 5 (2008)
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