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Developing online worksheets that work
Education technology solutions
  • Shelley Kinash, Bond University
  • Christian Moro, Bond University
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Kinash, S., & Moro, C. (2012). Developing online worksheets that work. Education technology solutions, 52, 52-54.

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© Copyright Education Technology Solutions, 2012

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Extract:In many schools and universities, online portals have become fundamental platforms for the provision of information between lecturers, tutors and students. Online communications open a range of opportunities to provide information, worksheets, and lecture notes to entire cohorts. However, with this ease of providing resources, the supporting functions of the educator need to be maintained. This includes questioning techniques, clear instructions and clarification of textbook and curriculum statements. Students learn in different ways and although many lecturers are familiar with how to provide individual, personalised information and questions in tutorial and classroom settings, many are unsure how to facilitate through the digital realm. With the use of analytical terminology, probing questions, and the provision of targeted information, online platforms can be used to engage the individual learner and deliver effective teaching resources to a diverse range of students.
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Shelley Kinash and Christian Moro. "Developing online worksheets that work" Education technology solutions Iss. 52 (2012) p. 52 - 54
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