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USQ Academic Plan Implementation Curricular Employability Guide 20-6492 2020.pdf
Open (2020)
  • Prof Shelley Kinash, University of Southern Queensland
This workbook presents theory, good practice, practical strategies, definitions, and interactive exercises about co/curricular employability. Curricular means that approaches and strategies which will advance students' careers upon graduation are facilitated directly by their educators and embedded in regular coursework, including graded assessment. A definition of co-curriculum is university-organised student experiences, which take place primarily outside of (but alongside) regular coursework expectations and formal study. Co-curricular activities are designed to support students' progression towards graduate success, including navigating the post-graduation employment environment and long-term career self-management.
  • Employability,
  • University,
  • Careers,
  • Curriculum,
  • Co-curriculum,
  • joined-up,
  • development,
  • strategies,
  • embedded,
  • assessment
Publication Date
Winter June 26, 2020
Citation Information
Shelley Kinash. "USQ Academic Plan Implementation Curricular Employability Guide 20-6492 2020.pdf" Open (2020)
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