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Graduate Employability Slides & Audio - Empirical Research Results Explained
University of Southern Queensland (2017)
  • Shelley Kinash
  • Linda Crane, Bond University
  • Madelaine-Marie Judd
  • Amy Bannatyne, Bond University
This presentation features research infographics and audio presentation providing research/evidence-based responses to questions such as:
What is graduate employability?
How do the perspectives of employers, educators, students and graduates differ?
What employability strategies work?
What is the relationship between assessment and employability?
Do postgraduates require employability supports?
How does employability in Australia compare to that in India?
When do students decide what careers they want?
How supported do students feel?

This research was co-led by Professor Shelley Kinash and Associate Professor Linda Crane. It was funded through a competitive national research grant through the Australian Government, Office for Learning and Teaching.
  • Research,
  • Graduate Employability,
  • Careers,
  • University,
  • Employers,
  • Strategies,
  • Higher Education,
  • Empirical,
  • Evidence-Based,
  • Career Supports,
  • Industry-Ready,
  • Work Experience
Publication Date
Winter July 20, 2017
Citation Information
Shelley Kinash, Linda Crane, Madelaine-Marie Judd and Amy Bannatyne. "Graduate Employability Slides & Audio - Empirical Research Results Explained" University of Southern Queensland (2017)
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