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Enhancing education
Northern Territory emergency response : evaluation report 2011 (2011)
  • Sheldon Rothman, ACER
  • David Slattery, ACER
  • Sarah Buckley, ACER
  • John Ainley, ACER
The ‘Little children are sacred’ report concluded that improving the quality of education provided the key to solving, or at least ameliorating, the incidence of child sexual abuse in Aboriginal communities. The report identified poor educational outcomes as being at the heart of the exclusion of Aboriginal people from confidently participating in either their own culture or mainstream culture.845 A number of specific issues were highlighted as being at the roots of a crisis in educational attainment in Aboriginal communities. They included inadequate access for Aboriginal children to early learning centres, in preparation for later years of schooling, a failure amongst the predominantly non-Aboriginal teaching workforce to communicate effectively with Aboriginal students (many of whom speak English only as a second or third language), and a failure of parents to take responsibility for sending their children to school. To ensure that Indigenous children in the Northern Territory received appropriate support to improve levels of educational achievement, the Australian Government introduced a range of education-related measures through the Northern Territory Emergency Response (NTER). Five sub-measures address these concerns: four under the Enhancing Education measure and one under the Supporting Families measure. Two years after the release of the ‘Little children are sacred’ report and after the introduction of the NTER, data were collected on the health and development of all Australian children. Data from the Australian Early Development Index (AEDI) provide recent support for concerns that many children entering school in the Northern Territory are at a distinct disadvantage when compared to other children across Australia. This chapter examines data on the education-related measures.
  • Aboriginal communities,
  • Evaluation,
  • Welfare services,
  • Northern Territory,
  • Aboriginal education
Publication Date
November, 2011
Dept of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs
9781921975202 (PDF); 9781921975219 (RTF); 9781921975226 (print ed)
Citation Information
Sheldon Rothman, David Slattery, Sarah Buckley and John Ainley. "Enhancing education" Canberra, ACTNorthern Territory emergency response : evaluation report 2011 (2011)
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