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About Sheila A Martin

Professor Sheila Martin is the Director of the Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies and the Population Research Center, a service and research Institute in the College of Urban and Public Affairs at PSU. As IMS director, she serves as a portal to the University's knowledge resources for the community. Her research and teaching interests include economic development and technology economics and policy.
Dr. Martin’s work emphasizes regional partnerships and data-driven decision-making. In 2011, she helped launch Greater Portland Pulse, which enables organizations, residents, and local governments in the Portland region to measure and track social, environmental, and economic outcomes and create a regional conversation about how we can achieve desirable outcomes. In collaboration with university faculty around the state, Dr. Martin wrote two chapters for Toward One Oregon, which explores Oregon’s urban and rural history and assesses the current situation through political, economic, and demographic lenses. Dr. Martin’s chapters examined rural-urban interconnections in food and forestry clusters.


Present Professor, Portland State University Urban Studies and Planning
Present Director, Portland State University Population Reseach Center
Present Director, Portland State University Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies

Contact Information

Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies
Portland State University
P.O. Box 751, Portland, Oregon 97207
Phone: 503-725-5170 ● Fax: 503-7255199


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