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Parent Engagement and Equity in Dual Language Programs
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  • Sheila M. Shannon, University of Colorado Denver
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This is a chapter in the book: Criticaln Voices in Bicultural Parent Engagement: Operationalizing Advocacy and Empowerment

About the book:

This book examines how commonly applied approaches to parent involvement in schools do not easily transfer to bilingual and bicultural families. The authors--respected scholars in the field of educational equity--challenge commonly accepted boundaries of bicultural parent involvement. They provide real-life examples, practical strategies, discussion questions, and suggestions for ensuring that schools welcome and value bicultural families. This timely resource is a hopeful vision of what authentic and democratic parent engagement can become, and how parents can be transformative change agents for their children and their schools.

Citation Information
Shannon, S. M. Parent engagement and equity in dual language programs. In E. M. Olivos, A. M. Ochoa & O. Jiménez-Castellanos (Eds.) Critical Voices in Bicultural Parent Engagement: Operationalizing Advocacy and Empowerment. (pp. 83-102) New York: Teachers’ College Press. Winner of the American Educational Studies Association Critics Choice Award 2012.