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Review of: RealTime Spanish CD Rom
  • Shaw N. Gynan, Western Washington University
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RealTime Spanish is billed as an interactive, immersive journey through Spain, the objective of which is to help students to learn culture and language and to become confident speakers of Spanish. The single CD-ROM is accompanied by a ten-page pamphlet of instructions. Digital Publishing is a German company that specializes in computer-assisted language learning, and RealTime is based on an Interaktive Sprachreise series written by Sigrid Brugger and Arturo Matheu. However, the series has been "localized" for Spanish learners by Maritza Lopez.
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Shaw N. Gynan. "Review of: RealTime Spanish CD Rom" Hispania Vol. 83 Iss. 3 (2000) p. 505 - 508
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