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Guia para padres y maestros de ninos bilingues
The Linguist List (2003)
  • Shaw N. Gynan, Western Washington University

This volume was supposedly written to answer ''the questions most frequently asked by parents and teachers on raising and educating bilingual children.'' The answers are provided in what is described as clear and simple language, avoiding academic terminology. An introductory chapter to the Spanish edition goes into more detail about the audience, specifying US Latino parents who raise Spanish-speaking children, mixed marriages, and English-speaking parents who wish to raise their children in another language. Yet another introductory chapter adds monolingual parents and teachers, doctors, speech therapists, psychologists, and counselors. The book is divided into sections on the family, language development, problems, literacy, pedagogy (including types of bilingual education, achievement, and languages of the classroom), general questions, references, and a glossary. Each section has typically around twenty questions. The issue of bilingual education has become highly politicized in the US. Millions of parents are on their own when it comes to determining the right language policy for the home.

  • Bilingual education
Publication Date
February 6, 2003
Citation Information
Shaw N. Gynan. "Guia para padres y maestros de ninos bilingues" The Linguist List (2003)
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