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About Shaun W Molloy Dr

I have recently completed a PhD in natural sciences with the Centre for Ecosystem Management at Edith Cowan University. Having worked extensively as an ecologist with government agencies, natural resource management organizations and environmental NGOs in the fragmented landscapes of WA’s south-west, I have developed a strong interest (some may say obsession) in the field of landscape ecology, in particular, evaluating landscape connectivity through the spatial relationships which exist between patches of remnant vegetation) are relevant and effective in the management of vertebrate fauna species within the context of the fragmented landscapes of south-western Australia. It is the objective of this research to examine the principles of spatial modeling by investigating the landscape requirements of a group of endemic species and finding ways to map, or predict, these requirements. In this way I have examined the strengths and limitations of current spatial modeling tools, and in so doing, investigate ways in which spatial modeling can be applied, or made more effective, in meeting the requirements of the region’s unique landscapes and species.


Present Faculty Member, Edith Cowan University

Curriculum Vitae

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