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In Search of Progressive Black Masculinities: Critical Self-Reflections on Gender Identity Development among Black Undergraduate Men
Men & Masculinities (2014)
  • Keon M. McGuire, Ph.D., Arizona State University
  • Jonathan Berhanu
  • Charles H.F. Davis III, University of Pennsylvania
  • Shaun R. Harper, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

During the last several decades, research concerning the developmental trajectories, experiences, and behaviors of college men as ‘‘gendered’’ persons has emerged. In this article, we first critically review literature on Black men’s gender development and expressions within college contexts to highlight certain knowledge gaps. We then conceptualize and discuss progressive Black masculinities by relying on Mutua’s germinal work on the subject. Further, we engage Black feminist scholarship, both to firmly situate our more pressing argument for conceptual innovation and to address knowledge gaps in the literature on Black men’s gender experiences. It is our belief that scholars who study gender development and expressions of masculinities among Black undergraduate men could benefit from employing autocritography, and its built-in assumptions, to inform several aspects of their research designs. Autocritography is a critical autobiography that some Black profeminist men engage to invite readers into their gendered lifeworlds.

  • African Americans,
  • Black Men,
  • Higher Education,
  • Men,
  • Masculinity,
  • Gender
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Citation Information
McGuire, K. M., Berhanu, J., Davis III, C. H. F., & Harper, S. R. (2014). In search of progressive black masculinities: Critical self-reflections on gender identity development among Black undergraduate men. Men and Masculinities, 17(3), 253-277.