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Unpublished Paper
Rules and Tools of Nonprofit Lobbying
ExpressO (2009)
  • Sharon Wilson, Temple University

Abstract: This article focuses primarily on the federal tax law restrictions on lobbying and political campaign activities of 501( c)(3) organizations. A brief history of the restrictions on lobbying is followed by an instructional guide for nonprofit organizations and attorneys seeking to advise nonprofits about permissible conduct in this arena. Opportunities for greater political involvement through use of sec 501(h), sec 501©(4) and other strategies that have been deemed permissible by the Internal Revenue Service are explored. An examination of the IRS’s questionable annual examination process for nonprofits is explored.

  • tax eexmpt nonprofits,
  • freedom of speech,
  • political intervention
Publication Date
September 18, 2009
Citation Information
Sharon Wilson. "Rules and Tools of Nonprofit Lobbying" ExpressO (2009)
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