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An Ode To Reverie
Lulu Journal (2018)
  • Sharon Sliwinski
As you might imagine from my title, I would like to make a case for one very special kind of losing touching with reality, namely reverie. What I mean by this word is exactly what you might imagine: the experience of getting lost in thought, daydreams, fantasies, or even bodily sensations; letting mind wander freely; attending to the atmosphere of your inner world. It is perhaps important to distinguish this unique form of thought from the kind of distraction that is all-too familiar in today’s technologically saturated world. Distraction is a state of mind produced by external forces that deliberately seek to manage our attention. Reverie, in contrast, is a mental state in which the mind wanders freely, following it’s own logic of desire.
  • reverie,
  • dreaming,
  • creativity,
  • Freud
Publication Date
November, 2018
Citation Information
Sharon Sliwinski. "An Ode To Reverie" Lulu Journal Iss. 3 (2018)
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