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A Case for Discussion: Ethics in University-Community Outreach Efforts
Journal of College and Character (2002)
  • Sharon M Meagher, University of Scranton
Often moral dilemmas arise because a decision-maker must act in response to what they perceive as others' unethical behavior or undue influence. Such was the case for Sally Templeton, the president of a new non-profit community-based development organization (CBDO) who had to decide how to respond to pressures from a professor at an area school of social work. The professor from the Ladley College of Social Work asked Templeton to volunteer her time to participate in a series of seminars on community development, as he had chosen the neighborhood where her CBDO functioned as a case study for his class. He invited representatives from all groups in that neighborhood to participate. Templeton and others felt pressured to accept the invitation because of the free technical assistance provided to non-profits from Ladley College. At the same time, her organization required that technical assistance precisely because they were strapped for resources. Was it legitimate of this professor to ask her to devote some of those limited resources to his class? Even if it was not, could Templeton risk ill favor with the Ladley College? What is the proper role of larger non-profits with greater resources, such as colleges and universities, toward smaller non-profits? How should Templeton respond to a request that she thinks is overly burdensome?
  • Case Study,
  • Ethics,
  • Outreach
Publication Date
October 1, 2002
Citation Information
Sharon M Meagher. "A Case for Discussion: Ethics in University-Community Outreach Efforts" Journal of College and Character Vol. 3 Iss. 8 (2002)
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