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More philosophy for teens : examining reality and knowledge
  • Sharon M. Kaye, John Carroll University
  • Paul Thomson

Is knowledge the greatest virtue? What is it like to be somebody else? What if tomorrow never comes? Is the world around us real? Your students will be asking these challenging questions and more after reading and completing the activities in More Philosophy for Teens. A companion to the best-selling Philosophy for Teens, this volume tackles the topics of reality and knowledge in a teenager-friendly format. The authors examine some of life’s toughest questions, including identity, God, the universe, freedom, and the meaning of life. Both sides of the debates are covered on every issue, with information from some of the world’s most noted philosophers included in a conversational style that teenagers will love.

  • Philosophy,
  • Teens
Publication Date
Prufrock Press Inc.
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Sharon M. Kaye and Paul Thomson. More philosophy for teens : examining reality and knowledge. Waco, TX(2008)
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