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Philosophy for teens : questioning life's big ideas
  • Sharon M. Kaye, John Carroll University
  • Paul Thomson

What is love? Is lying always wrong? Is beauty a matter of fact, or a matter of taste? What is discrimination? The answers to these questions, and more, are examined in Philosophy for Teens: Questioning Life's Big Ideas an in-depth, teenager-friendly look at the philosophy behind everyday issues. The authors examine some of life's biggest topics, such as: lying, cheating, love, beauty, the role of government, hate, and prejudice. Both sides of the debates are covered on every issue, with information from some of the world's most noted philosophers included in a conversational style that teenagers will love. Each chapter includes discussions questions, thought experiments, exercises and activities, and community action steps to help students make reasoned, informed decisions about some of life's greatest debates.

Publication Date
Prufrock Press Inc.
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Sharon M. Kaye and Paul Thomson. Philosophy for teens : questioning life's big ideas. Waco, TX(2007)
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