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Inclusive teaching circles : mechanisms for creating welcoming classrooms.
Faculty Scholarship
  • Sharon E. Moore, University of Louisville
  • Sherri L. Wallace, University of Louisville
  • Gina Schack, University of Louisville
  • M. Shelley Thomas, University of Louisville
  • Linda Lewis, University of Louisville
  • Linda Wilson, University of Louisville
  • Shawnise Miller, University of Louisville
  • Joan D'Antoni, University of Louisville
Document Type
Publication Date
Social Work
This essay examines the Inclusive Teaching Circle (ITC) as a mechanism for faculty development in creating instructional tools that embrace an inclusive pedagogy reflecting diversity, cultural competence and social justice. We describe one group’s year-long participation in an ITC at a large, metropolitan research university in the south. Next, we share several members’ strategies for promoting more inclusive and equitable learning for students in our classrooms. Finally, we consider the implications of ITCs for its group participants and the professorate at large.

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Citation Information

Moore, Sharon E., Sherri L. Wallace, Gina Schack, M. Shelley Thomas, Linda Lewis, Linda Wilson, Shawnise Miller, and Joan D'Antoni. 2010. "Inclusive Teaching Circles: Mechanisms for Creating Welcoming Classrooms." Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 10(1): 14-27.