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Creative Approaches to Writing Center Work
English Faculty Book Gallery
  • Kevin Dvorak
  • Shanti Bruce
  • Elizabeth H Boquet, Fairfield University
  • Michele Eodice

Editors: Kevin Dvorak and Shanti Bruce

Contributing authors: Elizabeth Boquet and Michele Eodice


Elizabeth Boquet, with Michele Eodice, is a contributing author, "Creativity in the Writing Center: A Terrifying Conundrum."

Book description: This is the first book length attempt to address the role creativity plays in writing centers. Beginning with the premise that creativity has the potential to make work and learning environments more productive—and possibly more dangerous—the ideals in this collection will complicate visions of what writing centers can and should be. Striking a balance between theory and practice, readers will learn about creative tutor training and staff meeting activities, how to use toys to tutor and how to tutor creative writers, and, finally, how to implement creative outreach programs. Those who are in search of ways to infuse their centers with creativity and fun will find this book to be an invaluable, inspirational resource.

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Boquet, Elizabeth H. and Michele Eodice. “Creativity in the Writing Center: A Terrifying Conundrum.” Creative Approaches to Writing Center Work. Eds. Kevin Dvorak and Shanti Bruce. New York: Hampton Press, 2008.


Copyright 2008 Hampton Press

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Kevin Dvorak, Shanti Bruce, Elizabeth H Boquet and Michele Eodice. Creative Approaches to Writing Center Work. (2008)
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