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Hitting the Moving Target: The Challenges of Creating a Dynamic Curriculum to Address the Ethical Dimensions of Geospatial Data
  • John Carr
  • Shannon Vallor, Santa Clara University
  • Scott Freundschuh
  • William L. Gannon
  • Paul Zandbergen
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Taylor & Francis
While established ethical norms and core legal principles concerning the protection of privacy may be easily identified, applying these standards to rapidly evolving digital information technologies, markets for digital information and convulsive changes in social understandings of privacy is increasingly challenging. This challenge has been further heightened by the increasing creation of, access to, and sophisticated nature of geocoded data, that is, data that contain time and global location components. This article traces the growing need for, and the structural challenges to creating educational curricula that address the ethical and privacy dimensions of geospatial data.
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Carr, J., Vallor, S., Freundschuh, S., Gannon, W. L., & Zandbergen, P. (2014). Hitting the moving target: challenges of creating a dynamic curriculum addressing the ethical dimensions of geospatial data. Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 38(4), 444–454.