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Partners in Water Quality Monitoring at Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky
Mammoth Cave Research Symposia
  • Thomas D. Byl, Tennessee State University, US Geological Survey (USGS)
  • Rick Toomey, MCICSL, Mammoth Cave National Park, Western Kentucky University
  • Shannon R. Trimboli, Western Kentucky University
  • Lonnie Sharpe, Jr., Tennessee State University
  • Roger Painter, Tennessee State University
Start Date
15-2-2013 1:40 PM
Water resources are essential to landscape development and maintenance of the extraordinary ecosystem at Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky. The National Park Service has implemented many policies and management practices in an effort to maintain and improve the water quality in the park. As part of their resources management, the Park evaluates current hydrologic conditions, as well as, anticipates and responds to emerging issues. With regards to that goal, Mammoth Cave National Park Service partnered with Tennessee State University, the Mammoth Cave International Center for Science and Learning, and the U.S. Geological Survey on a series of water-related projects from 2007-2013. The objective of this paper is to highlight some of the findings and lessons learned from the past 6 years. Many of the results presented in this paper have been presented at other conferences or published in other reports. Collaborative projects included storm-water runoff from parking lots and roads, evaluating storm-water filters, and transport of chemicals in the caves. These projects purposefully engaged students to provide professional experience and educational outreach opportunities. Over 50 student presentations related to these monitoring activities have been made at regional and national conferences in the past 6 years, resulting in numerous awards and publications. Major funding or in-kind services were provided by the partnering agencies and institutions. Additional funding for supplies and student support was provided by the National Science Foundation (Opportunity for Enhancing Diversity in Geoscience, 2007-8; Undergraduate Research and Mentoring, 2009-13), and, the Department of Energy (Massey Chair – NNSA, 2007-13). The following summaries are excerpts from previously published student papers (West et al., 2010; Diehl et al., 2012, Embry, et al., 2012, West et al., 2012).
Citation Information
Thomas D. Byl, Rick Toomey, Shannon R. Trimboli, Lonnie Sharpe, Jr., et al.. "Partners in Water Quality Monitoring at Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky" (2013)
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