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Inter-departure times in base-stock inventory-queues
Queueing Systems
  • Liwei BAI
  • Brian FRALIX
  • Liming LIU, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Weixin SHANG, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
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Journal article
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  • inventory-queue; base-stock policy; inter-departure time; birth–death process; Palm probability
An inventory-queue is an inventory system controlled by a processing station with queueing. They are natural building blocks for supply chain models. An important and largely open issue for inventory queues is the characterization of their departure processes. In an inventory-queue, departures are triggered either by a job arrival when the output buffer is not empty or otherwise by a service completion. Such departures are more difficult to analyze than departures from a standard queue. The main results in this study are expressions for the probability distributions and squared coefficient of variations of inter-departure times for base-stock inventory-queues with birth–death production processes.
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L. Bai, B. Fralix, L. Liu, & W. Shang (2004). Inter-departure times in base-stock inventory-queues. Queueing Systems, 47(4), 345-361. doi: 10.1023/B:QUES.0000036396.19059.3b