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Quantifying Night Sky Fluctuations: Striving for a Multi-Messenger Astronomy
Utah State University Physics Colloquium
  • Rachel K. Nydegger, Utah State University
  • Shane L. Larson, Ph.D., Utah State University
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With LIGO coming back online soon, astronomers are attempting to solve the problems involved with coupling gravitational observations with electromagnetic telescope observations. To do this, my project aims to create all-sky surveys to characterize natural variability to reduce "false-alarm" rates in detections of gravitational emissions.

Presentation given at a USU Physics Colloquium. Link to presentation is available here.

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“Quantifying Night Sky Fluctuations: Striving for a Multi-Messenger Astronomy”. Rachel Nydegger, Shane L. Larson Ph.D. Invited Presentation. Utah State University Physics Colloquium. Logan, Utah, March 5, 2013.