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Determination of Meteor Showers on Other Planets Using Comet Ephemerides
Astronomical Journal
  • Shane L. Larson, Utah State University
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Meteor showers on Earth occur at well-known times and are associated with the decay of comets or other minor bodies whose orbital paths pass close to Earth's trajectory. On the surface, determining the closest proximity of two orbital paths appears to be a computationally intensive procedure. This paper describes a simple geometric method for determining the proximity between the orbital paths of two bodies (i.e., a comet and a planet) in the solar system from the known ephemerides of the objects. The method is used to determine whether meteor showers on other planets in the solar system could be associated with any of 250 known comets.


Originally published by Institute of Physics in Astronomical Journal.  Publisher’s PDF available through remote link. May require subscription if user is not on the USU Network.
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Determination of meteor showers on other planets using comet ephemerides. Shane L. Larson. Astronomical Journal 121, 1722-1729 (2001)