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Science Icebreaker Activities: An example from Gravitational Wave Astronomy
The Physics Teacher
  • Michelle B. Larson, Utah State University
  • Louis J. Rubbo
  • Kristina D. Zaleski
  • Shane L. Larson, Utah State University
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American Association of Physics Teachers
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At the beginning of a class, workshop, or meeting, an icebreaker activity is often used to help loosen up the group and get everyone talking. When used as a precursor to group learning, the icebreaker fosters communication so later activities function more smoothly. Science-based icebreaker activities serve the purpose of a traditional icebreaker, while also introducing science content to the audience. The content of the icebreaker may or may not be related to the topic of the upcoming class or meeting. Either way, the activity provides a way to get people talking while the participants simultaneously learn something new and interesting.

Originally published by the American Association of Physics Teachers. Publisher's PDF and HTML fulltext available through The Physics Teacher journal.
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Michelle B. Larson, Louis J. Rubbo, Kristina D. Zaleski and Shane L. Larson. "Science Icebreaker Activities: An example from Gravitational Wave Astronomy" The Physics Teacher Vol. 44 Iss. 7 (2006) p. 416 - 419
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