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Possibility and Implications of an Israeli Strike on Iranian Nuclear Installations
NDU Journal (2011)
  • Shams uz Zaman
Iran is at the centre of the international diplomatic storm over its nuclear programme. Lot of scepticism exists over Iranian nuclear programme which is accused of in violation to NPT by the western countries. Iran, on the other hand, denies these allegations and asserts for its nuclear rights for peaceful purposes. There is a difference of opinion in dealing with Iran between the US and the Europeans, as the US is willing to use military option, whereas Europeans seek for a diplomatic solution. But with the passage of time, the US problems are compounding due to destabilizing situation in Middle East, Iraq and Afghanistan beside the economy which is in doldrums. Under these circumstances, a US strike on Iran is less likely however, regardless of the US problems, Israel which considers Iran as an existential threat, may not hesitate in taking such an action if it gets convinced that Iran is about to cross nuclear threshold. Such a strike will have devastating implications for the region and Pakistan which warrants a critical analysis.
  • Iran,
  • nuclear,
  • strategic,
  • Israel,
  • implications,
  • Middle East,
  • strike,
  • installations
Publication Date
Fall 2011
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Shams uz Zaman. "Possibility and Implications of an Israeli Strike on Iranian Nuclear Installations" NDU Journal Vol. XXV Iss. 2011 (2011)
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