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Deepening Syrian Crisis and Implications for the European Security
GeoPolitica (2016)
  • Mr. Shams uz Zaman
The civil war in Syria is affecting the whole Middle East and other regions including EU and US. The rise of ISIS in the aftermaths of civil war in Syria is attracting foreign fighters from all over the world which is having profound implications for neighbouring and periphery states. Refugee crisis is not only fuelling the phenomenon of terrorism but has also become a human catastrophe which would have serious implications for Europe and Middle East. The crisis warrants that diplomacy must swing into action taking all stake holders on board under the UN mandate to end foreign intervention and manage refugee crisis in Syria.
  • Terrorism,
  • ISIS,
  • Syrian Civil War,
  • Arab Spring,
  • Refugee Crisis,
  • EU,
  • Iran,
  • Russia,
  • Middle East,
  • Syria
Publication Date
March, 2016
Citation Information
Shams uz Zaman, "Deepening Syrian Crisis and Implications for the European Security", GeoPolitica, Anul XIV, nr. 66, (3/2016), pp. 91-98.