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Redrawing of the Borders in Greater Middle East (2014)
  • Shams uz Zaman, Mr.

The article sheds light on the possibility of formation of Islamic Caliphate from the ruins of fragmented Middle East after a probable sectarian and ethnic clash which would be traced back to the imprudent policies adopted by the US after the 9/11, especially the invasion of Iraq in 2003, which also changed the map of Middle East.

  • Middle East,
  • Islam,
  • extremism,
  • ISIS,
  • ISIL,
  • IS,
  • Islamic State,
  • Iraq,
  • Iran,
  • Turkey,
  • Syria,
  • Saudi Arabia,
  • Caliphate,
  • US invasion 2003,
  • neo-cons,
  • Arab Spring,
  • Al-Qaeda,
  • Pax-Americana,
  • Hezbollah,
  • Shia,
  • Shiite,
  • Sunni.
Publication Date
Summer July 25, 2014
Publisher Statement
Opinions are of the authors alone.
Citation Information
Shams uz Zaman. "Redrawing of the Borders in Greater Middle East" (2014)
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