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Learning Management Systems (LMS): Inside Matters
Information Management and Business Review (2011)
  • Shakeel Iqbal
  • Ijaz A. Qureshi, Dr.

By the end of last millennium, many universities and colleges started using internet to meet their distance learning needs. Different course management systems (CMS) were developed to meet the needs of online and hybrid courses. These CMS later on transformed into Learning Management Systems (LMS). Many educational institutions have already started using LMS and there are still many who are considering adopting one. The big question before the late adopters of this online learning technology is which LMS they should opt for? This study will be useful for those who are in the process of selecting an LMS as well as those who are in the business of designing one. A survey was conducted to get feedback from the faculty of higher education institutions to find out the major barriers in adoption of e-learning and to find out what kind of functionalities and teaching methodologies should be supported by LMSs. Results indicate lack of training, lack of incentives to use e-learning, lack of technical support and lack of time to develop e-courses are the major barriers in adoption of e-learning by the faculty members. As far as the desired functionalities in an LMS are concerned ability to create student groups for group activities, availability of discussion board, announcement board and online quizzes, file sharing/transfer functionality were the most sought functionalities. The most desired method of teaching that need to be supported by LMS had been group problem solving, discussion based strategies, problem based learning and simulation. The results of survey will be helpful for the adopter as well as designers of LMS.

  • learning management systems,
  • course management systems,
  • design,
  • pedagogy
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Shakeel Iqbal and Ijaz A. Qureshi. "Learning Management Systems (LMS): Inside Matters" Information Management and Business Review Vol. 3 Iss. 4 (2011)
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