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Microwave-Assisted Oxidative Coupling of Amines to Imines on Solid Acid Catalysts
Tetrahedron Letters (2007)
  • Shainaz M. Landge, University of Massachusetts
  • Valentina Atanassova, University of Massachusetts
  • Muralidhara Thimmaiah, Michigan Technological University
  • Béla Török, University of Massachusetts
A K-10 montmorillonite catalyzed microwave-assisted oxidative coupling of amines is described. Substituted benzylamines readily undergo self-coupling reactions to produce benzylidene–benzylamines, while aliphatic amines and anilines cannot form self-coupled products. A mixture of a benzylamine and an aniline or aliphatic amine, respectively, effectively, and selectively produces mixed imines, such as benzylidene–anilines and benzylidene–alkylamines.
  • Microwave-assisted,
  • Oxidative coupling,
  • Amines,
  • Imines,
  • Benzylamines,
  • Solid acid catalysts
Publication Date
July 16, 2007
Citation Information
Shainaz M. Landge, Valentina Atanassova, Muralidhara Thimmaiah and Béla Török. "Microwave-Assisted Oxidative Coupling of Amines to Imines on Solid Acid Catalysts" Tetrahedron Letters Vol. 48 Iss. 29 (2007) p. 5161 - 5164
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