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About Shaily Menon

Global change and declines in biodiversity underscore the need to understand mechanisms regulating the distribution of species and ecosystems. My research interests are in the areas of conservation biology and biodiversity informatics in the context of global change (climate change, sea-level change, and land-use change). My work applies spatial databases, biodiversity informatics, and ecological niche modeling to aid the discovery of endangered or rare species, model the spread of invasive species, and predict the effects of land change, climate change, and sea-level change on species' and ecosystem distributions. I also support the open access and open source movement and participated in a project with several international coauthors related to that topic.


Present Research Associate, KU Biodiversity Institute, The University of Kansas
Present Professor, Biology Department and Natural Resources Management Program, Grand Valley State University
Present Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Grand Valley State University

A. Climate Change and Sea-level Change (5)

B. Biodiversity Informatics and Species Distribution Modeling (3)

C. Land-use Change Modeling (2)

D. Biodiversity Conservation (8)

E. Open Access Publication (1)