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Unpublished Paper
  • Shailesh Desai, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

The substance out of which universe is made of is one continuous piece, this piece has the property to twist and untwist all the times ( universes are formed and gone after a long time due to this twisting and untwisting). When the piece of universe starts twisting and is twisted all the way and when it cannot twist anymore, then it starts untwisting and that is the start of the universe and it happens with a big bang as all the heavily twisted substance starts untwisting. Untwisting results in the expansion of the universe. The twisting force is the gravitational force. Untwisting slows down more and more as the substance gets more and more untwisted. When the substance of the universe is totally untwisted, that is the end of time, space and matter and everything is totally untwisted substance which is energy. Twisting of the substance of the universe results in matter, and time and space come into picture. To give an example, take a one dimensional thread and twist it, it will contract, when twisted more and more it will form a circle ( 2 dimensions ) and more circles, and when these circles of twisted thread are next to each other ( when everything is heavily twisted ), three dimensional spheres are formed out of these 2 dimensional circles, same thing happens with the substance of universe, one dimensional energy becomes 3 dimensional matter and space and time come into picture. Time results from untwisting of the substance of the universe, the faster the untwisting ( rotation of heavenly bodies ) - faster is time when totally untwisted, energy state, there is no more time or space. Untwisting results in rotation and revolution of all heavenly bodies, as when the substance of the universe untwists it is spinning on itself ( rotation) and the smaller bodies ( moons, planets, galaxies, etc. ) that came out of bigger bodies (planets, stars, universe, etc. ) revolve around the bigger bodies since they are part of the bigger bodies and the bigger bodies are rotating on themselves causing the smaller bodies to revolve around them. The faster the bigger body is rotating the faster will be the revolution of the smaller body around it. Also the rotation of all heavenly bodies will be in the same direction as all of them are part of one piece of universe that is untwisting ( rotating on itself ). This twisting and untwisting nature of the substance of the universe also explains all scientific phenomenon like time, space, matter, energy, theory of relativity, rotation and revolution of heavenly bodies, gravitation, magnetism (twisting force is gravitational force, north and south poles result as twisting is in one direction), etc. There is no scientific phenomenon happening in the universe that cannot be explained by this twisting, untwisting of the substance of the universe, anything that is happening in the universe can be explained..

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Shailesh Desai. "Universe" (2015)
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