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Retinoblastoma tells the story of our health care system
Journal of Pakistan Medical Association
  • Irshad Soomro, Aga Khan University
  • Muhammad Nadeem Khan, Aga Khan University
  • Suhail Muzaffar, Aga Khan University
  • Naila Kayani, Aga Khan University
  • Shahid Pervez, Aga Khan University
  • Akbar Shah Hussainy, Aga Khan University
  • Rashida Ahmed, Aga Khan University
  • Sheema H. Hasan, Aga Khan University
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Objective: To review cases of retinoblastoma. Setting: Department of Pathology Aga Khan University Hospital Karachi. Method: Twenty three specimens from cases of retinoblastoma received over a period of eight years were routinely processes and stained with haematoxylin and Eosin stain Other stains were used for tuberculosis and melanin. Immunochemistry was resorted to in undifferentiated tumors. Results: Over 60% cases of retinoblastoma were diagnosed after 5 years and nine cases showed involvement of opti-nerve. Conclusion: Late diagnosis of retinoblastoma effects the stage of the tumors and the prognisis.
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Irshad Soomro, Muhammad Nadeem Khan, Suhail Muzaffar, Naila Kayani, et al.. "Retinoblastoma tells the story of our health care system" Journal of Pakistan Medical Association Vol. 50 Iss. 12 (2000) p. 410 - 411
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