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Key Features to Develop the Best Taxi Booking Solution
SJ (2019)
  • shady johnson, University of California, San Francisco
Thanks to the developing era, it has made our lives easy and comfortable by introducing the new technologies. Nowadays development can be observed in each and every industry including the taxi industry. Everyone is aware of the success gained by the Uber, it is flourishing day by day as the taxi-hailing business. Many of the smart entrepreneurs started challenging the growth of the Uber by adopting a different business model for the taxi-hailing business.

To achieve success like Uber is one of the formidable tasks for all the business ventures. The business entertainer needs to incorporate several vital features while developing an application to achieve a massive success just in the same way as the Uber has achieved. The business entrepreneurs can extend their business by launching a taxi booking application. This taxi hailing application can encompass of certain crucial technological ingredients.

Implementation Based on Geo-Location
It's very important to implement the Geo-location based implementation in the taxi-hailing application. Most of all kinds of applications are virtually backed on Global Positioning System(GPS). Google’s GSM Geo-coder is the best instance for all kind of taxi-hailing application. The taxi-hailing application demands the accurate working of the GPS server and the internet connection facilities of the devices.

Points to Keep in Mind While Developing the Ride-Hailing Application
When the developers are developing the taxi-hailing application for the ride-hailing business than they must implement all the advanced features which are must for gaining success in the taxi-hailing business. The developers must develop the application which correctly identifies the position of a cab driver and the users in the map. Navigation facility must work accurately so that the user can easily make the prompt reservations. The application should work effectively which will be favorable for both the users as well as cab drivers alike, without causing any minor lag. While building the application just like Uber, each and every business entrepreneurs should give special importance to the working of Geo-location system which is implemented in the application. A minor fault in the integration of various features in the taxi-hailing application may result in the failure of the application.

Different Payment Modes
Taxi booking companies have promoted entirely different payment modes from the conventional payment system. With the existence of the Uber in the business market, new doors have opened for the taxi-hailing business which introduced an innovative and impressive payment system to the world. It gave rise to online payment modes which promote different payment gateways like Visa, Master card, PayPal, Bitcoin, and so on.

The rider who books the cabs can make the payment online at the time they complete the journey. Thanks to online payment mode due to which the rider does not have to worry about carrying the cash with them. The amount which the rider has paid directly transfers to the driver’s wallet. The transparency is maintained about the amount of money to be paid as per the distance traveled by the commuters which also reduces the chances of customers getting into an argument with cab drivers.
To avoid riders canceling reservations at the last moment the application must promote a credit reservation system due to which if the rider cancels the trip at the last movement they have to pay some amount of charges to the driver. All the uber clone application also promote online payments option.

Proper integration of servers is proven to be beneficial for the working of a taxi booking software. The application should correctly identify some crucial aspects such as which driver is near to the user and which shortest path to be taken for reaching the rider on time and many more. The entrepreneurs can startup with the taxi-hailing business with the clone application which provides all the aforesaid facilities and settings which is inbuilt in this clone application which helps the entrepreneurs to immediately flourish in the taxi business. It also ensures greater customer retention, high-level user interaction, increased profit, exclusive user base, and much more.
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Summer January 28, 2019
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shady johnson. "Key Features to Develop the Best Taxi Booking Solution" SJ (2019)
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