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Statement by New Afrikan Prisoner of War Kuwasi Balagoon
  • Amilcar Shabazz, University of Massachusetts Amherst
As a member of Kuwasi Balagoon's political defense collective, called the National Committee to Defend New Afrikan Freedom Fighters, I transcribed this statement that he attempted to present in court at his trial in Goshen, NY, that opened July 11, 1983. Orange County Judge David Ritter denied him from giving the full statement that is presented here from the pamphlet that was published for Black August 1983, with the brief introduction that I wrote.
  • Postcolonial Theory,
  • Anarchism,
  • Revolutionary Nationalism
Publication Date
August, 1983
Citation Information
Amilcar Shabazz. "Statement by New Afrikan Prisoner of War Kuwasi Balagoon" (1983)
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