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Incorporating TDM into the Land Development Process
  • Sara Hendricks
  • Karen Seggerman
  • Spencer Fleury, Ph.D., St. Petersburg College
Unfamiliarity with the plans, processes and procedures of the local government land development process, transportation demand management (TDM) professionals can be frustrated in their efforts to improve mobility and reduce traffic congestion. This report provides detailed information to transportation professionals regarding how to incorporate TDM strategies into the land development process. The report documents efforts to secure TDM strategies as part of development approvals, summarizes the long range planning groundwork that frames the land development process, provides several case study examples from Florida and nationwide and also identifies several institutional barriers to the use of TDM as part of the land development process. A major finding is that transportation professionals interested in using TDM in land development must get involved long before development proposals are submitted. This requires participation in review and updates of the MPO long range transportation plan and transportation improvement program as well as local government comprehensive plans. Further, it involves appraising how well the local government land development regulations implement the intent of the comprehensive plan and reviewing traffic analysis methodology and underlying assumptions. These ground laying activities will begin the integration of TDM principles and strategies into the land use and transportation planning processes resulting in physical infrastructure, regulatory tools and operations management to support TDM as part of the solution as land development proceeds.
  • TOD,
  • transit,
  • TDM,
  • land use
Publication Date
October, 2005
Citation Information
Sara Hendricks, Karen Seggerman and Spencer Fleury. "Incorporating TDM into the Land Development Process" (2005)
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