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Testing Reporting Bias in the Florida Sinkhole Database
The Southeastern Geographer (2008)
  • Spencer Fleury, Ph.D., St. Petersburg College
  • Steve Carson, University of South Florida
  • Robert Brinkmann, Ph.D., University of South Florida
The sinkhole database of the Florida Geologic Survey (FGS) is the primary publicly-accessible database of recent sinkhole occurrence and distribution. However, it does not use a consistent and predictable approach to recording sinkhole occurrences. Thus, the possibility exists that the database is largely a reflection of the distribution of people in sinkhole-prone areas of Florida, rather than a true enumeration of all sinkholes that occur. In order to assess the validity of the data contained within the database, a comparison was made of population distribution and sinkhole occurrences. The results indicate that sinkhole reporting is not associated with population distribution, and that reporting bias is not a major problem with the data contained therein.
  • sinkholes,
  • Florida,
  • karst
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Spencer Fleury, Steve Carson and Robert Brinkmann. "Testing Reporting Bias in the Florida Sinkhole Database" The Southeastern Geographer Vol. 48 Iss. 1 (2008)
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