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RDA Testing in Triplicate: Kent State University's Experiences Testing RDA
Cataloging & Classification Quarterly
  • Sevim McCutcheon, Kent State University - Kent Campus
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  • descriptive cataloging,
  • catalogers,
  • interviews,
  • surveys,
  • Resource Description and Access (RDA),
  • college and university libraries,
  • books
Kent State University participated in three different Resource Description and Access (RDA) testing opportunities: one formal, one informal and format-specific, and one informal general test. This article presents the experiences of University Libraries and the School of Library and Information Science participants. Based on multiple experiences with RDA testing, we find that RDA records work on various levels: they are compatible with Angflo-American Cataloguing Rules, Second Edition(AACR2) records in public and staff mode; original, copy catalogers, and reference personnel find them sufficient for the work they do; and there is little significant difference between AACR2 and RDA records in the MARC (Machine Readable Cataloging) environment.
Citation Information
Sevim McCutcheon. "RDA Testing in Triplicate: Kent State University's Experiences Testing RDA" Cataloging & Classification Quarterly Vol. 49 Iss. 7/8 (2011) p. 607 - 625
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