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About Severine Dusollier

Intellectual property should matter in our societies, not only because it deals with economy, research, innovation and a broad range of industries, but because it encapsulates and commodifies the intellectual production of the mind, and organises our relationship with information, knowledge, culture and creation. This is what has always attracted me to copyright and more generally to intellectual property.
I have been doing research in that field for more than 15 years now. My PhD took the odd pretext of the techological measures in copyright and the prohibition to circumvent them to investigate and denounce the fundamental change that copyright has endured, from a right enhancing the circulation of works in the public sphere to a control of any use of creation. From there I pursued my route in copyright scholarship by looking into exceptions and limitations, public domain, open source and copyleft, notion of authorship, the commons in intellectual property, and more generally issues of copyright protection, limitation and enforcement in the digital environment. I also entered the field of patent and trademark laws, and carried out research in interoperability in IP or competition law issues.
I hold a PhD in law and I was a post-doctoral Jean Monnet Fellow at the European University Institute. I am now a professor at the university of Namur (Belgium) and the Head of the CRIDS (Research Center in Information, Law and Society). The CRIDS gathers 40 researchers and professors in law and humanities and builds on a 30-years experience.


Present Director of the CRIDS (Research Centre in Law, Information and Society, University of Namur
Present Professor, University of Namur

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