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Statistical properties of Schriidinger real and imaginary cat states
Physics Letters A (1995)
  • Victor V. Dodonov
  • Serguei Y. Kalmykov
  • Vladimir I. Man'ko

We study the photon statistics in the superpositions of coherent states |\alpha> and |\alpha*> named “Schroedinger real and imaginary cat states”. The oscillatory character of the photon distribution function (PDF) emerging due to the quantum interference between the two components is shown, and quadrature squeezing is observed for moderate values |\alpha| ~ 1. In spite of the quantity <\delta n^2> / tending to unity (like in the Poissonian PDF) at |\alpha| >> 1, the photon statistics is essentially non-Poissonian for all values of |\alpha|. The factorial moments and cumulants of the PDF are calculated, and oscillations of their ratio are demonstrated.

  • Coherent states,
  • correlated states,
  • Shroedinger cat states,
  • squeezed state,
  • non-Poissonian photon statistics
Publication Date
Spring March 27, 1995
Citation Information
Victor V. Dodonov, Serguei Y. Kalmykov and Vladimir I. Man'ko. "Statistical properties of Schriidinger real and imaginary cat states" Physics Letters A Vol. 199 (1995)
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