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Risk management by farmers, agribusinesses, and lenders
Agricultural Finance Review
  • Ashok K. Misra, United States Department of Agriculture
  • Sergio H Lence, Iowa State University
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Producers and lenders seek to avoid agricultural production‐related risks through various managerial and institutional mechanisms. For individual farmers and agribusinesses, risk management involves choosing among alternatives for reducing the effects of risk on the firm, thereby affecting the firm’s welfare position. Risk management often requires the evaluation of tradeoffs between changes in risk, expected returns, entrepreneurial freedom, and other factors. Research on risk management issues in agriculture has been among the main topics of interest of the Regional Research Committee for Financing Agriculture in a Changing Environment: Macro, Market, Policy, and Management Issues, and its predecessors. This paper reviews and summarizes much of the Committee’s work and provides a discussion of related topics of interest for prospective future research.

This article is from Agricultural Finance Review 65 (2005): 131, doi:10.1108/00214660580001169. Posted with permission.

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Ashok K. Misra and Sergio H Lence. "Risk management by farmers, agribusinesses, and lenders" Agricultural Finance Review Vol. 65 Iss. 2 (2010) p. 131 - 148
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