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The legal construction of privacy and data protection
Computer Law &Security Review (CLSR) (2013)
  • Raphael Gellert
  • Serge Gutwirth
In this contribution, the authors explore the differences and interplays between the rights to privacy and data protection. They describe the two rights and come to the conclusion that they differ both formally and substantially, though overlaps are not to be excluded. Given these different yet not mutually exclusive scopes they then apply the rights to three case-studies (body-scanners, human enhancement technologies, genome sequencing), highlighting in each case potential legal differences concerning the scope of the rights, the role of consent, and the meaning of the proportionality test. Finally, and on the basis of these cases, the authors propose paths for articulating the two rights using the qualitative and quantitative thresholds of the two rights, which leads them to rethink the relationship between privacy and data protection, and ultimately, the status of data protection as a fundamental right.
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Raphael Gellert and Serge Gutwirth. "The legal construction of privacy and data protection" Computer Law &Security Review (CLSR) Vol. 29 (2013)
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