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Gli approcci di studio all'imprenditorialità straniera
Piccola Impresa/Small Business (2005)
  • selena aureli

This paper explores immigrant entrepreneurship or ethnic and minority entrepreneurship, a topic that has recently emerged in mainstream entrepreneurship studies. The main goal is to illustrate the various theories that have been developed to explain immigrants’ higher entrepreneurship propensity compared to that of local inhabitants. The paper will evaluate pros and cons of each interpretative approach in order to identify which view best explains the differences and peculiarities of this category of entrepreneurs and the enterprises they create. In particular, cultural and sociological perspectives are emphasized when reviewing immigrant-owned businesses.

  • filoni di studio; study approach; ethnic entrepreneurship; imprenditorialità straniera
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selena aureli. "Gli approcci di studio all'imprenditorialità straniera" Piccola Impresa/Small Business Iss. 3 (2005)
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