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Diabolical Frivolity of Neoliberal Fundamentalism
Reartikulacija (2009)
  • Sefik Tatlic

Today, we cannot talk just about plain control, but we must talk about the nature of the interaction of the one who is being controlled and the one who controls, an interaction where the one that is “controlled” is asking for more control over himself/herself while expecting to be compensated by a surplus of freedom to satisfy trivial needs and wishes. Such a liberty for the fulfillment of trivial needs is being declared as freedom. But this implies as well the freedom to choose not to be engaged in any kind of socially sensible or politically articulated struggle.

  • political philosophy,
  • critical theory,
  • neoliberalism,
  • biopolitics,
  • culture,
  • ideology
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Sefik Tatlic. "Diabolical Frivolity of Neoliberal Fundamentalism" Reartikulacija Vol. 09 Iss. 09 (2009)
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