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Directing Convergent and Divergent Activity through Design Feedback.
Analyzing Design Review Conversation
  • Shanna R. Daly, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  • Seda Yilmaz, Iowa State University
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Design education across design disciplines prioritizes project-based courses to support student learning about design processes and strategies (Eastman, Newstetter, & McCracken, 1999; Smith, Sheppard, Johnson, & Johnson, 2005). Success in teaching these courses relies on the ability of instructors to mentor and guide students' design paths, allowing students some freedom to determine design decisions on their own, while facilitating a structure where they can learn successful design strategies.

This is a chapter from Analyzing Design Review Conversations, Robin S. Adams & Junaid A. Siddiqui (editors), December 2015, 21; 413-429. Posted with permission.

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Shanna R. Daly and Seda Yilmaz. "Directing Convergent and Divergent Activity through Design Feedback." Analyzing Design Review Conversation Vol. 21 (2015) p. 413 - 429
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