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Contribution to Book
Deployment and Divorces: An In-Depth Analysis by Relevant Demographic and Military Characteristics
War and Family Life (2016)
  • Sebastian Negrusa
  • Brighita Negrusa
  • James Hosek, Rand Corporation
The purpose of this study is to provide an analysis of the link between deployments and divorces among military families by various groups of potential interest for policymakers. We contribute to the literature on the marital dynamics of military families by providing a multifaceted look at the effect of a stressor, deployment, on the stability of military families defined by race, education, branch, and number of deployments. We find that the effect of deployment on the hazard of divorce is similar by race. The effect differs by education and is strongest for high school graduates. We also find that pre-9/11 deployment increased the divorce hazard, and the effect of post-9/11 deployments on divorce was similar across military services. Finally, time spent in deployment before marriage increases the risk of divorce after marriage. Our work will potentially inform policymakers in designing effective interventions to help families to cope with the stresses of deployments, as we draw attention to the role of expectations, self-selection, and stress from separation.
  • Deployments – Divorce – Expectations at marriage – Self-selection – Stress – Groups of military families
Publication Date
January, 2016
Shelley McDermid Wadsworth, David S. Riggs
Citation Information
Sebastian Negrusa, Brighita Negrusa and James Hosek. "Deployment and Divorces: An In-Depth Analysis by Relevant Demographic and Military Characteristics" War and Family Life (2016) p. 35 - 54
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