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Liberal Election Promise to Overhaul Asylum Claim System Postponed
Toronto Star
  • Sean Rehaag, Osgoode Hall Law School of York University
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OTTAWA—A Liberal election promise to overhaul the way asylum claims are handled has been postponed indefinitely despite rising numbers of people seeking refuge in Canada putting the system at risk, The Canadian Press has learned. One of the options on the table, multiple sources have told The Canadian Press, is rejigging the historic Immigration and Refugee Board, and giving some of its authority over to the Immigration Department itself. But those advocating for the government to do something before backlogs threaten the integrity of the system say they are running up against a Liberal government seeming to have lost interest in spending any more money or political capital to help asylum seekers.
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Sean Rehaag. "Liberal Election Promise to Overhaul Asylum Claim System Postponed" Toronto Star (2017)
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