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Dust Stratification in Young Circumstellar Disks
The Astrophyical Journal
  • Terrence Rettig, University of Notre Dame
  • Sean D Brittain, Clemson University
  • Theodore Simon, University of Hawaii
  • Erika Gibb, University of Missouri
  • Dinshaw S Balsara, University of Notre Dame
  • David A Tilley, University of Notre Dame
  • Craig Kulesa, University of Arizona
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The American Astronomical Society
We present high-resolution infrared spectra of four YSOs (T Tau N, T Tau S, RNO 91, and HL Tau). The spectra exhibit narrow absorption lines of 12CO, 13CO, and C18O, as well as broad emission lines of gas-phase 12CO. The narrow absorption lines of CO are shown to originate from the colder circumstellar gas. We find that the line-of-sight gas column densities resulting from the CO absorption lines are much higher than expected for the measured extinction for each source and suggest the gas/dust ratio is measuring the dust settling and/or grain coagulation in these extended disks. We provide a model of turbulence, dust settling, and grain growth to explain the results.

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