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About Scott Whiteford

Migration,immigration, border violence, security,social capital/networks, water insecurity,family vulnerability/reunification framed by globalization and structural power inequality, contextualize Whiteford's theoretical scholarship in Latin America (Mexico, Argentina, the Southwest border regions with a strong commitment to ethics of collaborative research, especially with Latin American colleagues.His research been carried out on the borderlands of the Southwest,in multiple regions of Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Colombia, Bolivia and Argentina
Scott has served as the Director of Latin American Studies at the University of Arizona and Michigan State University where he taught in the Department of Anthropology. Twice a Garcia Robles Fulbright Scholar at Colegio de la Frontera Norte, a researcher director at CIESAS-Mexico and a professor at the Catholic University in Salta Argentina, Whiteford is committed to publishing in English and Spanish. Whiteford has had post-doctoral visiting scholar at University of California, San Diego and the School of American Research in Santa Fe.
Throughout his career Scott has endeavored to work collaboratively with colleagues, especially Latin American colleagues and students. He was awarded the Teacher/Scholar Award and he Outstanding Mentor award for his teaching. Scott has held fellowships and research awards from the National Science Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the National Endowment for Humanities,and was a P.I on multiple institutional awards including Title VI -National Resource Center Title VI - at both Michigan State University and the University of Arizona as well as from the Tinker Foundation grants at both institutional.


Present Faculty Member, University of Arizona

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Immigration, Violence and the U.S. Mexico Border (3)

migration (1)

water scarcity, globalization (1)

water security, development, U.S.-Mexico border (1)

food security and inequality in Central America and Mexico (1)

Collaborative Research, U.S.-Mexico Border, social media (1)

collaborative research, U.S. Mexico Border, social media (2)

NAFTA and Inequality in Mexico (1)

irrigation and rural development (1)

Reader on Cultural Anthropology of Latin America (1)

polictical ecology of water, Mexico, culure of water scarcity (1)

capital social/social capital, poverty/pobreza, development (1)

rural collective action and mobilization (1)

Border Research, Ethics and Methods (1)

Globalization and Regional Trade Blocks (1)

Border militarization, border health (1)

No Subject Area (2)